Tips for Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

As we prepare to move into August, which for many is the hottest part of the year, it’s a good idea to keep in mind some tips for staying cool. Temperatures have soared well over 100 degrees for much of the U.S. already this season, which is hot for anyone! But, for those who have low circulation or paralysis resulting in limited perspiration, regulating body temperature can be even more of a challenge – and sometimes even a health concern.

The following tips will help you stay cool in the hottest part of the summer, no matter who you are.

Ice Packs & Wraps

One of the quickest ways to cool the body down is by targeting major pulse points and arteries. Grab an ice wrap (the kind that you put in the freezer between use), a cold pack or even a bag of ice and place it directly on your neck to begin circulating cooler blood throughout your body in no time. Other areas to focus on are wrists, inner thighs and the sides of your head, near the temple. A cool rag or bandana can all work if you don’t have anything frozen.

Stay Hydrated

Consuming liquids is crucial to avoid overheating. Getting enough water and caffeine-free liquids that contain electrolytes will help keep your body cool, while replacing much of what your body loses while sweating. If you’re really hot, try some ice water or chilled beverages and you’ll start feeling better fast. Also, if you have a cold bottle handy, you can double its use as a cold pack on your neck!

Douse with Water

Another great way to bring down your body temperature is to simply dump some water on yourself! Pour water (cool or room temperature) over your head, around your neck and on clothing. It will give you an immediate cool down and help you stay cooler while it dries. If you’re not into getting that wet, try carrying a spray bottle with some ice water in it.

Caregiver transfers male swimmer to wheelchair using Surehands Wheelchair-to-Water Pool Lift.Last but not least, Take a Dip!

Ok, we saved the best for last. It’s probably no surprise that submerging our bodies in water is the very best way to lower body temperature and get instant relief from the heat. Plus, swimming has all sorts of other great health benefits and it’s fun! If you don’t have a pool or know someone who has one, look up your local public pool or ask a local rehab center or college about using theirs. Read our blog here about the positive impacts of swimming for wheelchair users!

If you’re worried about accessibility, there’s good news. Thanks to revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2010, most public pools are equipped with lifts so all guests can access the water with ease. If your public or private pool of choice doesn’t have a lift and you’d like to find out about getting one installed, you can contact us here and we’d be happy to help. SaveSave




A Dental Clinic Accessible To All

LTS Installs SureHands Lift at Leading-Edge Dental Clinic for Adults with Special Needs

The Special Needs Adult Dental Clinic at King-Chavez Health Center is unique to the San Diego region and exists to provide high-quality dental care services to adult patients with disabilities. San Diego County, alone, has approximately 15,000 people with special needs, many of whom are underserved or not served at all. 

We love the work that we do. Day after day, we get to witness people experience better mobility and ease of living in their homes, hospitals and rehab centers. We install equipment that improves access to the most essential living spaces. And recently, we had the chance to work with an organization that is leading the way for truly accessible dental care.

SureHands Lift System installed at the Special Needs Adult Dental Clinic in San Diego

Now, patients at the Special Needs Adult Dental Clinic will find even greater accessibility when they head for their dentist appointment. In May, we installed a SureHands Lift System over the dental chair – and it looks fantastic! But, more importantly, it will allow all patients to transfer easily to the chair to get the work they need done.

Two experienced dental professionals are on-hand to see patients at the Special Needs Adult Dental Clinic – Dr. Diana Zchaschel and Dr. Malieka Johnson. They both have a history and passion for working with the disability community.

Did you know that oral hygiene can impact your overall health? Research suggests that your twice-yearly trip to the dentist not only helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, but may also decrease the risk of pneumonia by reducing bacteria in the mouth. Read more here and make the appointment for your check-up today! 

It’s inspiring to see companies evolving to offer more universal care and service. Working together, we’re making a much more accessible world.

Are you a business owner in California, Nevada or Arizona that wants to improve access to all of the features of your business? Contact us here to learn more about the products we offer and schedule an evaluation.