Bedroom Ceiling Lift

How a SureHands System can Give You Back Your Independence


At Lift and Transfer Specialists, we get great joy out of extending the active lives of our clients. That’s why, when we found a simple product that can do that exceptionally well, we started carrying it and installing it in our clients’ homes. Today, we’re going to talk about how the SureHands System can give you back your independence. Read more

Senior couple standing outside in front of their home.

Home Accessibility Checklist


Home is where the heart is, but if you’re a wheelchair user, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that most American homes are not built with wheelchair users in mind. That’s why Lift and Transfer Specialists has put together this list of the most common home modifications that need to be done to make wheelchair users happy and comfortable: Read more

Overhead view of Golden Gate Bridge.

The State of California and Driving with a Disability


If you’re new to driving or riding in a handicap or wheelchair accessible vehicle in California, you may wonder how to apply for special licensing of your vehicle or where you can and can’t park. Drive Safely Work Week is this month and promotes drivers to driver safer as well as making sure passengers are safe and comfortable too.  Lift and Transfer Specialists doesn’t want your independence of driving and getting around being limited due to not knowing how you can properly use your vehicle to the fullest. Read more