How a SureHands System can Give You Back Your Independence


At Lift and Transfer Specialists, we get great joy out of extending the active lives of our clients. That’s why, when we found a simple product that can do that exceptionally well, we started carrying it and installing it in our clients’ homes. Today, we’re going to talk about how the SureHands System can give you back your independence.

The SureHands is a body lift that runs on a ceiling track system. Its appearance resembles two arms bent at a 45 degree angle, as if someone is preparing to haul a heavy pile of wood. A square hook dangles from each arm.

As odd as this configuration sounds, it’s actually very helpful for those in wheelchairs who want to cut back on nursing help. It allows them to transfer from their beds to their chairs, or from their chairs to the bathtub and toilet. Even those who are living with quadriplegia find it useful, as Sandy demonstrates in this video.

The way it works is that the user takes the two dangling hooks and slides them under each thigh. Then, they rest their armpits onto the outstretched “arms” of the SureHands lift. With the touch of a button from the remote, the ceiling track then lifts them up and takes them to where they want to go—even through doorways!

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. The SureHands System only takes four buttons to control—up, down and left and right. The track can be customized to your home so that it can curve from one room to the next. You won’t need to rely on anyone to get you in and out of bed, in and out of your wheelchair, or for personal hygiene. It’s that liberating.

We’ve seen the SureHands System return greater independence to many of our clients. If you think this system is right for you, contact us today! Lift and Transfer Specialists can even come and install the track for you. With over 19 years in the business, you know it’ll be done right.