Making Your Thanksgiving Accessible


The holidays are a time to connect with your friends and family, enjoy delicious food, and spread goodwill. However, for families with loved ones affected by disabilities, the upcoming months can provide potential problems. Getting safe and secure access to gatherings, dealing with additional crowds, and combating weather may damper enthusiasm. At LTS, we offer these guidelines so that you and your family can help eliminate stress and enjoy your time together.

Keep Your Routine

With the holidays comes ample levels of excitement. Gatherings, shopping trips, and reunions take up your calendar and it is difficult to maintain a steady routine. However, this can cause potential stress. Avoid over-scheduling and try to stick as closely as possible to your day-to-day tasks and sleep schedule. Doing so will put everyone at ease. If you cannot make it to every holiday event, don’t be afraid to say so. Try to avoid crowded shopping centers and malls. By eliminating outside noise and stress, you and your loved one can take the time to truly enjoy the season without the added hassle.

Make it Accessible

Enjoying family gatherings is a beloved tradition of the season. However, with loved ones that experience limited mobility, this can present a potential obstacle. Stairs and curbs both limit their access and creates possible stress. Lifting causes back pain and strain. It may also present possible danger for both the individual and caretaker as falling and tripping may occur. Access ramps provide a safe and, often times, portable solution to allowing all of your loved ones the chance to enjoy the holidays. LTS offers a full line of modular ramps to create the prefect access solution. By utilizing these products, you can ensure safety and security without missing the joy this time of year brings.

The holidays give us the ability to enjoy time with friends and families. However, they can present potential problems for individuals with disabilities. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that everyone gets the chance to celebrate the upcoming months. At LTS, our team can provide additional support with tools to create lasting mobility solutions year-round. Contact us today to find out how we can help benefit you and your family.