Swimming Using Pool Lift

5 Positive Impacts of Swimming for Wheelchair Users

There’s nothing like taking a dip in the pool after a hot day. For many Americans, however, the pool is much more than a place to play—it can also help them build muscle, confidence and an overall sense of well-being. Wheelchair users especially benefit from swimming for the following reasons:

It’s Fully Inclusive

You don’t have to have full use of your limbs to be a swimmer. It’s an activity that’s open to people of a wide range of physical abilities. That’s why you’ll see young people in their prime competing at the Olympic level, as well as elderly people with mobility issues taking swimming lessons at the local gym.

It Gives Them Freedom

In the water, a wheelchair user has a wide range of movement that gives them a sense of freedom. This is good for both their confidence and their sense of well-being.

It Has Physical Benefits

As a low-impact exercise, swimming is great for those who can’t put a lot of weight on their feet or knees. Swimming can engage all parts of the body without putting excessive pressure on the limbs.

It Has a Social Benefit

Swimming allows people to connect with others who share a love of the water, allowing wheelchair users to make friends and expand their circle. As we mentioned in an earlier blog, a great way to advocate for accessibility issues is to be visible in the public and network with others.

Accessibility Is Mandated by the ADA

For years, those with disabilities were excluded from public swimming areas. Under the 2010 Revised Standards of the ADA, public pools are now required to have accessible entries and exits. That includes both municipal pools as well as pools in businesses This makes swimming more accessible than ever for wheelchair users.

If you need to meet ADA standards for your pool, don’t hesitate to email or call us at (877) 542-5438 to have any of your questions or concerns answered. When we install your pool lift you can be certain your business will comply with all government standards.