Benefits of Hippotherapy


For much of human history, soldiers and horses were synonymous with each other. However, most people would agree that modern developments in warfare have rendered this bond to the annals of history.

Or have they? Some soldiers have found that forging a bond with a horse can help heal the effects of PTSD. Many of Lift and Transfer Specialists’ customers offer equine therapy (also known as hippotherapy) to these returning heroes. Here are some of the ways it benefits those who are trying to re-enter civilian society:

  • Horses react and mirror your emotions directly, without you having to say a word, and with no ulterior motive—making them a highly empathetic animal.
  • Soldiers are able to learn a new skill such as horse rising, which can help build confidence.
  • Being able to communicate and achieve harmony with a large animal can replace feelings of helplessness with feelings of efficacy.
  • It can decrease a soldiers’ sense of isolation and help them re-connect with their ability to interact and socialize with others.
  • Many soldiers experience a decrease in their anxiety levels by bonding with a horse. These animals exude a sense of gentleness, calm and genuineness that rebuilds people’s sense of trust.
  • Caring for a horse allows people to direct their attention away from inner turmoil and focus on ensuring the well-being of another living creature.
  • Horses have a herd mentality, and through interacting with them, people can gain insight into their own relationships with loved ones and with society at-large.
  • A horse can pick up on emotions you may be trying to bury. By paying attention to a horse’s body language, a therapist can help bring issues to the surface that otherwise may have stayed buried.

At Lift and Transfer Specialist, we applaud the efforts of equine therapists to help our men and women in arms. We’re proud to provide the patient lifts many of them use to help people get on a horse. Contact us today at (877) 542-5438 to learn more about hippotherapy and how you can get involved!