Top 10 Tips on How to Maintain a Pool Lift


There’s nothing quite like swimming in the pool on a hot summer’s day. If you have limited mobility, chances are you use a pool lift to help you get in and out of the water. To ensure that this device continues running well, follow these tips from Lift and Transfer Specialists:

  1. Rinse the pool lift off with fresh water after each use. Don’t use the water from the pool, as you want to rid the pool lift of as many pool chemicals as possible.
  2. Once a month, give the pool lift a more thorough cleaning. Using fresh water and a mild soap solution, wipe off any surface dirt with a sponge.
  3. Visually inspect the pool lift for loose or missing bolts, as well as corrosion. Do this once every two weeks.
  4. Treat the pool lift with wax once a year in order to protect it. Regular car wax will work just fine.
  5. Remove any rust or stains as soon as you see them. This can be done using a nylon brush and mild dish soap mixed with ammonia.
  6. Make sure the batteries are fully charged, and keep a spare set of batteries on-hand just in case.
  7. Periodically apply dialectic grease to the battery terminals to keep them from corroding.
  8. Cover your pool lift up when it’s not in use.
  9. Regularly lubricate the moving parts.
  10. Do not spray the control box or battery when rinsing your pool lift.

Here at Lift and Transfer Specialists, we want to ensure that you can live life to the fullest. If you have any questions about how to maintain your pool lift, our team of experts can help you. To find out how you can have a pool life installed by Lift and Transfer Specialists, email or call us at  (877) 542-5438 today.