Praise for the Surehands Body Support

For decades, a Surehands Lift and Care System with the revolutionary Surehands Body Support has been  providing assistance for patients and preventing potential injury for caregivers. With a comfortable design, it has helped them maintain personal independence while delivering endless support. Hear why our clients have put their trust in Surehands Lift and Care Systems:

Maureen Leech

“It has more than paid for itself.”

Maureen was concerned for both her and her caregivers’ wellbeing when it came to lifting her from her wheelchair. Describing the astonishment of the ease of the Surehands system, she credits the lift for decreasing the amount of money her family now has to spend on homecare help. The lift ensured less heavy lifting for her caretakers, enabling the agency to give them a lower price.

Natalie Delmore

“There is literally nothing in our house now that I can’t do.”

Natalie required additional help when her husband was out of town. However, home specialist care had become too costly for her and her family. The Surehands system was able to provide the assistance she needed without the cost of paying and insuring a family caregiver. Due to Surehands, she was able to regain her independence.

David R. Miklas

“This is defiantly the system to use. I have never seen anything that compares to the ease of use and the comfort that this one provides. It cuts way down on the amount of time it takes to help someone in the restroom and it reduces the back strain. You aren’t doing any actually physical lifting with this. The end result is that it reduced worker comps claims to almost zero. We don’t have any more complaints of back strain due to transfer at all.”

David, program coordinator at PathPoint in San Luis Opisbo, California, is in charge of transferring the patients at his facility. Traditionally the work had exposed his employees to potential back strain, however, he credits the Surehands system for providing a more secure option. Due to this, he has experienced a substantial decrease his worker comp claims, giving him more security about the safety of his employees.

With the Surehands Body Support System, you can get the safety you need while saving money on home caregiving. See for yourself why our clients stand behind Surehands.

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