Looking up at canopy of deciduous trees

A Quiet Grove: Finding Support with Parkinson’s Through Community


Note: Today’s blog is an excerpt from an article written by Parkinson’s patient Ray Bruns. He originally addressed this to his support group:

A preserve of historical California Oak trees touches our back yard. Those old trees are blemished, tattered, bent and crooked, but we love them! They exist on the rocky ledges, with too much sun and wind, and scarcity of water. They have lived through diseases, droughts, quakes, axes, forest fires, lighting strikes, quakes and floods. Read more

Outdoor Ramp

Wooden Ramps vs. Aluminum Ramps


For years, the go-to solution for home modular ramps were ones made of wood. It worked for some people—it allowed them to customize the ramp for their home and landscape. But they also present a host of short and long term issues which may not make them the ideal choice. Read more

Residential 90 degree ramp.

What’s the Best Path for My Ramp?


At Lift and Transfer Specialists, we can help you choose the best wheelchair ramp pathway for your home. Our innovative products can fit just about any yard or home, and our experts can install a wheelchair ramp that will last for years to come. Today, we’re going to help you understand a few of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a pathway for your wheelchair ramp:
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